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Winning against odds through product excellence for the past twenty-five years has resulted in direct shipments to over 60 countries - comprising the world's most advanced nations. Overcoming capacity constraints will result into shipments to the remaining 116 countries

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Powermaster manufactures and distributes worldwide following tube tools:
Equipment used in the fabrication and maintenance of tubular apparatus like tube installation tools, heat exchanger tube expander, boilers, condensers and coolers.


Generation II Series
Condenser Tube Expanders

Several improvements in the design and manufacture of tube expanders have been pioneered by Powermaster.

The New Generation II series Condenser Tube Expanders will outlast any other manufacturers heat exchanger tube expanders! Guaranteed! Please contact us for warranty information and conditions.

Powermaster heat exchanger tube expanders are competitively priced due to high production volumes and will offer you the best value for money by a long margin!

Powermaster Generation II series Condenser / Heat Exchanger Tube Expanders is the preferred tool of choice at over 2000 companies worldwide!

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