Powermaster is a unique company for learning, because of its products of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Hydraulics, Metallurgy.

1. Juniors or Freshers and our Engineering Training Program:

  • We welcome HSC, NCTVT, ITI, BSc FRESHERS into our 1 year Engineering Training program.

  • During this training program, our juniors are trained to become engineers and can choose to specialize either in hydraulic, electrical, or mechanical Engineering.

  • The large variety of our products enables extensive and comprehensive engineering training.

2. Working at PowerMaster:

PowerMaster looks for the following qualities in its collaborators:

  • Passion is the first quality we look for in our collaborators! Our managers particularly must love the business more than the money. It they have passion for the work, they can be left independent.

  • The second quality is Intelligence: This does not necessarily refer to academics. Over the years, we have had successful managers with advanced degrees, as well as ones who were grade school dropouts. But a good manager must have some intelligence

  • Energy: The person has to want to work hard.

  • Integrity: Without this quality, the rest of the qualities are useless. Someone without integrity will do damage to the company and in the long run, to himself.

“Be passionate” and “enjoy what you do!”
 - Managing Director, Mr. S.L Advani.

Our Employees travel the world: We encourage our Senior Sales Engineers to visit customers and offices in the Middle East, South East Asia, and even Europe and America.

We encourage and motivate each and every member of the company to surpass themselves and be the best at what they do, making them learn more and more everyday.

“Every year brings new challenges.”
- Dinesh Advani, Director

“Incredibly challenging work pushing us to excel and outperform ourselves day by day”
- V.Balakrishnan, CFO, Director

3. A Retirement age? No.

Age is not a criteria to work, or not to work, in PowerMaster. There is no retirement age. Experience and know how are valued as much as degrees.

4. Contact us:

If you are interested in knowing more about jobs at PowerMaster, or if you would like to apply as a Fresher, please contact Sheerine Maurivard-Advani at sheerine.advani@tubeexpander.com

“Not only do we employ, we make you employable”


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