We produce products equal to or better than the best available in the world. We also must provide our customers with added values.


Our prices would be among the most competitive available adding value to the customer. Over the years we have saved customers' in over 75 countries hundreds of millions of Dollars when compared to prices they have paid some of our competitors.


We use our price advantage to increase our inventory levels to an extent that higher cost manufacturers would find difficult to match. We ship out most orders the same day via UPS, FedEX or DHL to our customers worldwide so it reaches them within days of the order. Automated inventory control, web based ordering systems and our Same Day Shipment program have helped us get on our way.


We will work toward being in the top 3 global producers of each product line we manufacture.  If we are not already in the top 3 or cannot see our self in the top 3 in the foreseeable future, we will exit these product lines.





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