Before PowerMaster:

S.L. Advani was a designer of steam boilers in an Indian company between 1963 and 1972. He took up the challenge of manufacturing India's first Steam Boiler and successfully designed and manufactured a steam boiler from scratch.

Later, while expanding tubes in boilers, he realized that Tube Expanders were not easily available in India.

 Founding of Powermaster, 1972:

Hence, POWERMASTER was born in 1972 with Tube Expanders as its only product.

 From Tube expanders to Tube Cleaners…:

By the year 1980, Powermaster had expanded into Tube Cleaning for boilers and pans in Sugar Mills.

With over four hundred sugar mills in India, and since most tools for Tube Cleaning were imported from the U.K., the Founder sensed the opportunity.

"Today, fortunately we export our tools to some of the manufacturers who exported similar tools to India fifteen years ago." he says.

 ...To Torque Tools:

In 1985, Powermaster branched into the production of Torque Tools for precision tightening of fasteners.


Many of the Powermaster line of products - Torque Wrenches, Spring Balancers and Impact Sockets - are being used regularly by a large number of Automobile plants around the world as well as in general industry.

Powermaster continues to expand the product line to cover the entire gamut of Tube Installation, Removal and Cleaning tools. Today, Powermaster produces the most efficient line of Hydraulic Tube Pullers, Tube Expanding Systems and Tube Facing Systems available in the world

“We will continue to improve on existing products
and introduce new tools to make your work
faster, less expensive and safer.”


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