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Bolt / Stud Tensioners

Stud Tensioners

Features of Bolt / Stud Tensioners

Bolt Tensioning using Bolt / Stud Tensioners is now the preferred method of tightening bolts & stud on all critical applications. PST range of Bolt / Stud Tensioners by Powermaster provides optimum solutions to bolt tensioning requirements.

PST Series Bolt / Stud Tensioner is designed for operation in a wide variety of applications including pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressor covers, boilers feed pumps, anchors bolts and many others.

PST Series standard variable bolt / stud tensioners are designed to provide a wide range of flexibility, covering stud sizes 3/4 to 5.3/4. Different stud sizes are accommodated by simply changing adaptor kit consisting of Puller, Bridge & Nut Driver, while utilizing the same load cell.

The PST Series bolt / stud tensioner operate at a maximum pressure of 1500Bar & utilizes high strength AISI alloy steel parts for long lasting performance. These tensioner has an excerption stroke of 15mm. Integral stroke indicator allows piston stroke to be viewed & measured indication of stroke is provisioned with over stroke limit indication.

Bolt / Stud Tensioner Pumps & Accessories

Stud Tensioner Pumps & Accessories

Features of Bolt / Stud Tensioner Pump PU-AH-1500 & PU-HP-1500

A choice of manual or air driven hydraulic bolt tensioner pump units both compatible for use with standard PST stud hydraulic bolt tensioner is available. Both models are easy to operate and are supplied complete with a calibrated pressure gauge and quick release outlet coupling. The air driven PUAH1500 model also incorporates an integral inlet air filter regulator & lubricator.

Model No. Description Usable
Length Dimensions Height Net
(Liters) mm mm mm Kg.
PU-AH-1500 1500 bar (21750psi) Air/Hydraulic Bolt / Stud Tensioner Pump 0.7 HNCP-002 610 170 180 7.00
PU-HP-1500 1500 bar
Hand Pump
c/w 200 bar gauge
2.0 HNCP-002 450 390 390 22.00

Stud Tensioner Pumps & Accessories

Features of Stud Tensioner Pump Accessories

Powermaster ultra-high pressure hoses are compatible for use with all Powermaster bolt tensioning products up to a maximum of 1500 bar working pressure. Each hose is supplied complete with quick connect coupling and has a safety factor of 3:1 on maximum working pressure. Four standard length are available with special lengths available on request. Spare coupling, nipples and washers are also available.

Part No. Description Weight   Part No. Description Weight
  Hose-22000 psi (c/w female couplers
  each end)
  HNCP001 Std Male Snap Coupler 0.05
PU-HG150   1.5 meter Hose 1.1   HNCP002 Std Male Snap Coupler 0.2
PU-HG300   3 meter Hose 2.5   HNCP011 Nipple Extension Adaptor 0.05
PU-HG500   5 meter Hose 4.5        


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