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  • Several improvements in the design and manufacture of tube expanders have been pioneered by Powermaster.

  • The New Generation II series Boiler Tube Expanders will outlast any other manufacturers expanders! Guaranteed! Please contact us for warranty information and conditions.

  • Powermaster expanders are competitively priced due to high production volumes and will offer you the best value for money by a long margin!

  • Powermaster Generation II series Boiler Tube Expanders is the preferred tool of choice at over 2000 companies worldwide!

Optimal roll alignment for fast rolling. Maximum roll to tube contact reducing spring back effect. Equal load distribution leading to extended expander life.

CNC machined cages give Precision guiding to rolls during expansion. Cages are double tempered for optimum toughness at very high hardness.

One piece constructed mandrel on all models mates with well contoured rolls to give un-briged smooth expanded tube.

State of the art cryogenic and heat treatment facility guarantees best grain structure in both pre-machined and finished forms.

All components subjected to specific tests. Expander assembly is tested for optimum rolling, expansion and reversing speeds.

In operation, the initial positioning of the expander in the tube allows the self-feed rolls to draw the expander into the tube and to
engage the flaring rolls at proper point during the operation.

High carbon chromium tool steel for rolls ensures non deformability. Smoother contour and fine ground finishing gives longer life by withstanding operational jerks. Use of high end solid modeling design and finite element analysis software optimize results and eliminate design & assembly flaws.


  • Value: In the competitive world of today, savings matter! You get the life of the tools you expect at a fraction of the cost you currently pay!

  • Quality: Large percentage of our revenues are spent in improving designs and life of our products. New innovations on products in this catalogue are worlds firsts - ONLY WITH POWERMASTER.

  • Service: Powermaster is one of the worlds top 3 volume producers of tube tools. This enables us to stock more and service more customers from stock. If your local distributor does not have a part in stock we can usually get it to you by courier in 3 - 4 days - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

  • Certification: Powermaster facilities are certified to ISO-9002 by KPMG, USA. Most products manufactured conform to European CE directives.

  • History: You need experience to handle this vast array of products. We have been in the business since 1971!


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