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For expander rolling tube ends into tube sheets.
Application Apply directly to the inside of the tube ends by hand.

Any excess of Lube-A-Tube is removed by wiping or the residue will be completely removed during hydrotest / boil-out operations.

  • Being a soft, paste lubricant, Tube-A-Tube is easy to apply and "stays put" in the tube prior to the actual rolling operation - it will not run like oil.

  • No chance of entering between the tube sheet and tube end OD.

  • Will not carbonize under the heat and pressure encountered during the tube rolling operation.

  • Lube-A-Tube is its own indicator serving to show the operator what tubes are still to be expanded, eliminating the possibility of missed tubes.

  • Lube-A-Tube keeps the expanding tool cool and prolongs tool life.

  • Equally effective for rolling condenser tubes, boiler tubes and heavy wall cracking still tubes in refining equipment.

  • Lube A Tube is available in 1000ml and 5000ml plastic buckets / pails.


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