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Special Tube Expanders

Diesel Engine Expander


A special series of tube expanders designed for rolling the injection sleeves into the head of diesel engines. These tube expanders are made to order for each application, and a detailed drawing of the injector sleeve and the engine head must accompany the order to ensure proper tube expander design.

Step Rolling Expander (Baffle Plate Expanders)


Ideally suited for faster tube rolling in tube sheets that are 10 (250 mm) and thicker without removing the tube expander from the tube. Tube expander cage has grooves spaced 1 apart and is fitted with a spring loaded, quick spacing thrust collar that permits fast step rolling in 1 Increments throughout the full thickness of the tube sheet. These expanders can be made for use in upto 236 (6000 mm) reaches.

SR Expander


The rapid taper on the mandrel of this tube expander allows full expansion of the tube with minimum travel of the mandrel. The mandrel is retained at the rear of the tube expander to shorten the length of the tube expander and to allow the tube expander to be used near sharp tube bends.



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