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Tube Bundle Inserter

Tube Bundle Inserter

Tube Bundle Inserters


A Fully Automatic Hydraulic Pistons
B Biaxial positioning frame with horizontal. Vertical movement.
C Control Panel
D Hydraulic Powerpack
E Remote Control
F Electrical Cabinet
Features of Tube Bundle Inserters
  • Used for insertion of long & heavy tube bundle inside shell of heat exchanger.
  • Insert tube bundle at rate of 3mtrs/min.
  • Generates a coaxial force of 60 tons to insert tube bundle into the shell without jolts thereby avoiding damages to shell & bundles.
  • Can be easily converted into double headed tube puller for tube extraction.
Technical Specifications Of Tube Bundle Inserter
Model Pulling
Power Volts/phase Tank Capacity Weight
Tons m/min Bar Kw Liter Kg
TBI 60 3 300 8 380-50Hz/3 150 800


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