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Auto Stub Puller

Stub Pulling Gun

Hydraulic Powerpack
  • Designed for fast removal of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes from Condensers, Heat Exchangers, and Boilers.
  • A rapid stroke allows the removal of 10 tubes a minute with little operator efforts.
  • Gripping and pulling done in single operation.
  • Compact and lightweight pulling gun, easy to operate inside boiler drum with 24 Volt DC control.
  • Auto ejection of tube after removal.
  • Remove tubes without any damage to tube sheet.
  • Pneumatic version available for hazardous and explosive areas.
  • Low setup time and ease of operation.
  • Auto Switchover from low-pressure high flow to high-pressure low flow on load and back again when load is released.
  • Interchangeable pulling gun with same power pack.
  • Significant savings of time & money over conventional methods of stub removal.
  • Can pull from 13 mm to 51 mm I.D. tubes.
Sizes Available 1/2" O.D. TO 2" O.D.
Models Available ASP-1 TO ASP-2


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