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Flexible Balance Arm

"Flexible Balance Arm" has been designed to deliver power, performance, durability and significantly improved productivity in tube rolling technology.
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  1. The "Flexible Balance Arm" tool holding system is a major ergonomic development for tube installation and removal in providing an easy to use method of absorbing tool torque and counterbalancing the weight of the tool.

  2. Virtually any tool used in rolling and removing tubes can be used with the 'POWERMASTER' unit, including electrical and hydraulic drives, tube pullers, tube end facers as well as electric and pneumatic tube cutters.

  3. Positive tool holding system virtually eliminates the chance for operator error.

  4. Greatly enhances the accuracy of tube rolling reducing costly improperly rolled tubes.

  5. No pneumatic or electrical power source required for "Flexible Balance Arm" operation.

  6. Column can be quickly and easily removed form the base for ease of transportation (Reduced transportation cost).

  7. Right or Left hand operation without conversion.

  8. Standard model features 3ft and 5ft vertical and 5ft horizontal reach (models with increased vertical and horizontal capacity are available upon request).

  9. Small overall footprint with 4 casters for improved maneuverability.

Model Lift Capacity Vertical Movement Horizontal Movement Allowable Torque
Lbs. kgs Ft. mm Ft. mm Ft. Lbs. Nm
FBA-3 55 25 3 915 5 1524 125 169
FBA-5 55 25 5 1524 5 1524 125 169



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