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PR - 2000

  1. Microcontroller controlled, PC compatible Electronic Digital Torque controller uses the latest "State of the art" technology.

  2. Setting of torque on a digital display in pure numbers.

  3. Fully automatic operation.

  4. Adjustable reverse and pause times.

  5. Smooth start enables connection of any make of drive to the , improves brush life and enables re-expansion of tubes.

  6. The auto-repeat feature with programmed acceleration allows you to estimate the exact expansion time.

  7. Manual reverse operation provided.

  8. Easy to set up and use, no special skill required .

  9. Number keys are provided - enable direct entry of required parameter value. The Torque Controller can be connected to a PC for which a separate connector has been provided on the back of the remote handset. The data of torque values of expansions can be stored on a disc through the PC. This data can be further processed and analysed for quality checks through the PC.

  10. Plug-in type PCB's - for Easy servicing.

  11. Rugged and reliable design.

  12. Built -in printer or external printer-both options available. Print out possible of trip setting plus minimum, maximum and average of trips. Upto 950 expansions can be stored in memory. 

  13. Statistical print outs of under/over expanded tubes with specific tube numbers makes quality control of expanded tubes easier and faster.

  14. Initial slow speed up of drive programmed in the controller, increases life of drives.

  15. Key pad provided on a remote hand set gives following advantages.
    A) Change of set values by authorised person only.
    B) Set values are tamper proof.
    C) Data stored in controller memory can be loaded to PC for further processing via the hand set. Controller need not be taken to the PC.

  16. Line Voltage can be easily seen on controller display.

  17. On connecting a drive, controller automatically sets the maximum trip wattage and indicates drive model.

  18. Drive’s reverse speed can be fixed at slow or fast.

  19. 16 character 2 line alpha numeric LCD display guides the operator.

  20. Display of adjusted reverse and pause times. Real time clock enables automatic printing of date & time of starting of job.




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